Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries In New York


After weed legalization in New York, looking at its demand the cannabis enthusiasts and projections for the use of weed in medical treatment and medicines, many marijuana dispensaries are now opened to serve weed delivery and in-store services to the residents of New York.

There are an estimated number of over 220 dispensaries in New York that can grow cannabis for sale out of which almost 38 medical cannabis dispensaries are there in New York. In addition, headlines states that may be 150 licenses most concentrated in New York, will be awarded in 14 areas of the state, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Here is a list of the best recreational marijuana dispensaries in New York. Check it out and find the best choices for you.

01- Exweeddelivery

Exweeddelivery is the best and top-ranking weed delivery services provider in New York. They have their services all over New York. They have a wide variety of cannabis products that have the best customer reviews and their reach is increasing day by the day. They mostly have medically tested products manufactured in the best labs.

The most impressive part of Exweeddelivery

The most prominent store location and has impressive contact services.

  • The main features are-
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Online store for ordering products
  • Curbside pickup and Delivery at home
  • 24/7 Customer support

You can know more about this by visiting their official site and you can order your favorite weed edibles in new york only from Exweeddelivery.

02- Ex Weed Delivery

Ex weed delivery has a wide range of cannabis products. They have fast delivery and offer same-day weed delivery in new york to your doorstep. Curbside pickup and store pickup facility available.

Their main features are-

  • Local Pickup and Online order
  • Free Delivery
  • 24/7 Available
  • Experienced staff

Address: NEW YORK , USA

03- Good Weed NYC

Ex Weed Delivery is recreational weed dispensary. It is the best cannabis store and weed delivery in NYC. The main locations of Good weed NYC serves in weed delivery Bronx , Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York and Queens. You can call anytime. Order your weed products online from good weed NYC.

Visit good weed NYC web page now!

Main Features-

1- Curbside pickup

2- Low guaranteed prices

3-12 PM to 12 AM contact support

4- professional delivery services

Address- NEW YORK , USA


Monday to Friday: 12pm – 12am (24/7)

Saturday: 12pm – 12am(24/7)

Sunday: 12pm – 12am(24/7)

04- Ex Weed Delivery

Ex weed delivery is a cannabis weed delivery in New York. This is one of the best places to buy Marijuana Online. If you want to send some medicinal products to your loved ones, then send them their favorite CBD and marijuana products, hash, and edibles in New York, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, with the finest cannabis delivery and store in NYC.

Find out what the offer!

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  • Same-day Cannabis delivery
  • Free Pickup
  • Cash on delivery
  • Marijuana delivery in New York, and,
  • Recreational weed dispensary near you in NYC

Address– New York, USA

05- Exweeddelivery

Exweeddelivery is the most trusted weed delivery service in NYC. They offer same-day weed delivery in New York, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. It works affiliated with Leafly weed NYC. You can do an online order from Exweeddelivery and store pickup is also available.


Monday to Thursday -11:00AM – 12:00 AM

Friday & Saturday- 11:00AM- 12:00AM

Sunday -11:00AM – 12:00AM

06- Exweeddelivery

Exweeddelivery is the # 1 marijuana delivery in New York. This delivery and store pickup has the best medically tested & highest proven quality products. Get new points for every purchase, redeem points for rewards and use them for your favorite marijuana products purchase.

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